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Nutrition Counseling

At Balanceworks Counseling, we believe that food does so much more than fuel our bodies.  Eating brings families together, creates memories, tells stories, and adds to our experiences in life. For many people, food can hold a lot of power and can be a significant source of fear, stress, and anxiety.  We recognize that each person is unique and strive to empower individuals to be more attuned to their internal wisdom and rediscover enjoyment in eating.  


We all live in a society where we are inundated with information about what we should and should not eat, which forms of exercise or movement we should participate in, and how we should look or feel about our bodies.  These messages internalized from our culture, as well as our experiences and history with food, body image, and diet culture in our society, all impact our current relationship with food and our bodies.  It can be difficult to sift through and understand what is right or even healthy for you and your lifestyle, and this can sometimes lead to disordered eating, difficulty with body image or body dissatisfaction, coping with stress by using food (restricting or overeating), general health issues, and eating disorders. 


At Balanceworks, our licensed dietitians will assess your relationship with food not only from a physical and nutritional perspective, but will take into account psychological, emotional, and social impacts on your relationship with food and your body. Our dietitians  provide individualized nutrition counseling grounded in evidence based practices of mindfulness and intuitive eating which are aimed to empower clients in taking an active role in improving their relationship with the foods they eat and with their bodies. Many clients coming in with food or body image concerns often already have an idea on some level of what they are “supposed to do” to improve their relationship with food, and so the thought of seeing a dietitian can sometimes feel unnecessary, or even shameful or upsetting to fear assessment of something that is so intertwined with possible self judgment, stress,  and fear. The goal of nutrition therapy is not to teach you what you should and should not eat, or what is "good" or "bad" for you. It is about providing on going support to consistently apply nutritional knowledge and skills that you can maintain regularly in order to create and keep a positive relationship with food and your body image. It is about providing on going accountability to help you continue stay in touch with your values and ultimate goal of wellness and happiness as you do this difficult work! Through this process of nutrition counseling, we will work with you to uncover how a new outlook on food and nutrition can best provide balance in your unique lifestyle.


Our dietitians specialize in:


Eating Disorders

General health and wellness

Chronic Dieting


Disordered Eating

​Contact us today for more information on our nutrition counseling options!

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