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Eating Disorder Treatment

At Balanceworks, we specialize in treating eating disorders.  Eating Disorders are very serious conditions that impact a person physically, mentally, emotionally, and interpersonally.  In individual treatment of an eating disorder, we believe that it is important to help clients explore and identify the underlying struggles that the disordered eating behaviors can help to manage, as well as the interpersonal, self esteem and attachment needs that an eating disorder can often help to meet in a “safer” way.  Eventually, it becomes clear that these behaviors can “help” in the moment to cope with hard emotions, but end up creating more difficulties in physical, mental and emotional functioning and become an overwhelming problem of their own in the long term.  

We use a collaborative “team” approach with clients that can include a therapist, registered dietician, and physician or psychiatrist to help manage all areas that may be impacted by an eating disorder.  With this approach, in therapy, clients can work on strengthening their healthy selves, increasing their self esteem, building positive body image, and finding more effective ways to meet healthy and vulnerable needs, so that the eating disorder can become less “necessary” in functioning. 

We see clients individually, as well as in couples or family therapy in order to help not only the client struggling with their eating disorder, but also their most important support people on their road to recovery.  Contact us today to learn more!

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