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Emily Homer

Resident in Counseling


Emily is a Resident in Counseling who is passionate about providing a safe, supportive environment for her clients while they work to achieve their goals and pursue change for their lives. She views therapy as a client-driven process where clients have the ability to set and maintain boundaries regarding how and when they feel comfortable sharing aspects of their lives. She encourages collaboration from her clients in identifying tools to help achieve their goals. Emily recognizes that immense healing occurs in the process of sharing one’s experiences in a validating and safe environment, not only in the actions taken thereafter. She sees all coping mechanisms as truly brave, courageous attempts to manage the storms of life.


Emily conducts therapy largely from a person-centered and acceptance and commitment therapy approach. Additionally, she likes to incorporate aspects of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and internal family systems (IFS) into her sessions. Emily’s approaches are intended to assist her clients in showing up as their true, authentic selves, and finding insight into their current experiences and patterns. She is passionate about helping her clients find sustainable tools for living an autonomous life.


Emily graduated in October 2020 from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri with her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She receives clinical supervision from Meredith Luttrell, LPC. Emily has experience counselling in a residential eating disorder setting, where she worked extensively with body image concerns and body dysmorphia, a range of eating disorder behaviors, anxiety, depression, self-doubt, identity struggles, self-harm, PTSD, and DID. She is passionate about assisting and supporting her clients in processing traumatic experiences as they search for safe, healthy ways to move forward.

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